ZDF and ORF do not show any productions with Florian Teichtmeister – Medien

After the ORF, the ZDF now also no longer wants to show films with the Austrian actor Florian Teichtmeister. The background: A procedure is currently underway against Teichtmeister because he was in possession of around 58,000 files, showing the sexual abuse of children.

Various Austrian media had already reported about two weeks ago that the ORF will refrain from producing and broadcasting any productions with the actor until the court has clarified it. “Repetitions of programs with Florian Teichtmeister are not planned this year,” explains ZDF at the request of the Süddeutsche Zeitung. After the conclusion of the court proceedings, advice will be given on how to proceed, it said.

A new episode of the ZDF crime series originally had this Wednesday evening The Dead of Salzburg should run, in which Teichtmeister has been playing since 2016. However, the broadcast of the episode was postponed at short notice in order to broadcast the Handball World Cup instead. Teichtmeister would not have been visible in the cut anyway. As a spokeswoman explained to dpa in spring 2022, according to initial media reports, ZDF and ORF had decided that Florian Teichtmeister should only play a small role in the current episode. The latest episode has now been shortened by the 40-second final scene with him.

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