Youth and automobility: Berlin is more auto-fixated than it has been for a long time – culture

There is news from Berlin’s Friedrichstrasse, although not on the famous section that has recently been declared a pedestrian zone; there you still see very few passers-by, and if you do, then you see them as usual fleeing on the sidewalks, while the former roadway lies in between as empty as the death strip in front of the Wall once did. There is news for this on the section in front of it, which can still be used as a road. There was a branch of the youth fashion discounter Hennes & Mauritz there for a long time, where a flamboyant gentleman who spoke fine High Saxon in changing wrap-around skirts wooed the customers as if it were a particularly exclusive boutique. But that didn’t help either – even H&M gave up here. The news: For that draws Vinfast here now and opens its Berlin representative office.

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