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The disappearance

A story from a time when Germans were fleeing from the war in their own country and from their own regime: the radio play refugee talks by Bertolt Brecht (DLF, Saturday, 8:05 p.m.). The new radio play is about a completely different, more bizarre way of disappearing from one’s own everyday life The death cake of Epfing by Richard Oehmann (Bayern 2, Sunday, 3:05 p.m.). The subject in Marlene Streeruwitz’s radio play is more concrete and more tragic The night after my best friend’s funeral (SWR 2, Sunday, 6:20 p.m.).

The against each other

Luisa Meyer and Shafagh Laghai describe in their feature Inside Jenin using the example of the city in the West Bank, how the Middle East conflict is currently escalating again (WDR 5, Sunday, 1:04 p.m.). Lothar Schöne’s radio play is about a small, private and non-warlike intercultural and interdenominational conflict Kosher heaven (WDR 3, Saturday, 7:04 p.m.). A private drama from Israel, packed into a crime story: the three-part radio play Three by Dror Mishani (DLF Kultur, Mondays, 10:03 p.m.).

The despair

The main character in Lukas Derycke’s award-winning radio play screeners filters brutal and pornographic videos from the Internet day after day – this leads to mental deformation (DLF, Tuesday, 8:10 p.m.). Luise Voigt’s radio play is about the exploitation of creative labour Burn outwhich will be broadcast in a double feature with Jan Deckers vampire hairman about the most notorious serial killer in the Weimar Republic (SWR 2, Saturday, 11:03 p.m.).

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