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Independence Day

Science Fiction, Sat 1, Sunday, 8:15 p.m

A classic sci-fi plot: the aliens arrive with a goal to conquer Earth – and two men must save America from them. Bill Pullman and Will Smith, starring in the lead roles, take on the cause willingly, with the will to survive as their strongest weapon. While the story is negligible, it is convincing Movie along with his brilliant images. Independence Day is action cinema from the book. It is not for nothing that it appears in the list of the 100 most successful films of all time. The humour, and that’s rather surprising, isn’t neglected either. Dry and sarcastic, as we know Will Smith from many roles. And even if the critics didn’t necessarily agree, the spectacular special effects create a wonderful program for Saturday evening.

True Lies – True Lies

Action comedy, RTL 2, Saturday, 8:15 p.m

Computer salesman Harry Tasker (Arnold Schwarzenegger) and his wife Helen lead a normal family life with their teenage daughter Dana. Or so it seems. Because the truth is, Tasker has a double life. As a top agent, he works for the secret federal organization “Omega Secta” – this is so secret that not even his family knows about it. At home he pretends to be the honest husband who is rarely at home because of his job. But his wife feels neglected and starts dating another man. From now on Harry has to prove himself on two fronts: in the fight against a terrorist organization and in his marriage. This story, which was released in cinemas in 1994, has everything that belongs in a good action cinema. An over-the-top action film in every respect, and for that very reason it’s terrific.

Donna Leon- Acqua Alta

Crime, WDR, Saturday, 8:15 p.m

A flood floods the city, and it’s freezing cold in the office of Inspector Brunetti when he learns that the American antiquarian Brett Lynch has been beaten up. What initially looks like a robbery soon turns out to be a complex art forgery thriller. Because Lynch should be prevented from meeting the museum director Semenzato. In the new exhibition she organized for the museum, two precious Chinese vases have been replaced with fakes. Brunetti is faced with a great mystery. A lavishly staged Italian thriller from the successful series of Donna Leon films. The flooded Venetian backdrop itself is blossoming into the film’s secret star. A sombre film that charges Saturday evening with excitement.

Theresa Wolff – The most beautiful day

Crime, ZDF, Saturday, 8:15 p.m

A young man is found dead in a park in Jena and all indications are that he was murdered. During the post-mortem examination, the ambitious medical examiner Theresa Wolff noticed that Patrick was born in a woman’s body. After a marathon of surgeries finally made him the man he felt he was, he had to die. A transphobic murder? The investigations lead into the world of student fraternities and confront Inspector Lewandowski and Theresa Wolff, who likes to get involved in investigations, with traditional role models and gender fluidity. The third installment of the crime series tells a very sensitive topic with great care, in which the protagonists are also confronted with their own prejudices.

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