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The boat

War, Arte, Sunday, 8:15 p.m

When this German pioneering work started in 1981, there was a bad-tempered premiere text for each war scene Mea culpa-gesture requested. However, director Wolfgang Petersen and the bold producer Günter Rohrbach dared to do one Movie about people whose everyday life during WWII is living in fear in a better sardine can. Nothing is heroized, and anyone who looks the great actors (Prochnow, Wennemann, Grönemeyer, Hoenig etc.) in the eyes understands without words how inhuman everything is. No sane being would want to do that. This becomes even clearer in today’s Director’s Cut. Outside of Germany The boat immediately appreciated, especially the careers of Petersen and cameraman Jost Vacano (RoboCop) reached world level.


Dramedy, One, Saturday, 9:45 p.m

There are films that you see once, love them – and then avoid them because you fear that the memory is nicer than seeing you again. So it’s high time to take the risk Smoke no longer as wonderful as it was almost 30 years ago, when the small production became the darling of the Berlinale in 1995. The focus is on Auggie (Harvey Keitel) and his little book, which could no longer exist today because it is about the Brooklyn Cigar Company is in which regular customers gossip about God and the casual customers, preferably “at the length of a cigarette”. Nothing seems arranged, and the intonation (imagined by Paul Auster) is as artful as it is understated. Because the production was cheaper and finished faster than expected, the friends shot a few more vignettes for Blue in the Face (11.30 p.m.) – where almost everything was improvised.

Asterix: Victory over Caesar

Animation, RTL, Sunday, 12.30 p.m

The first film versions of the Asterix adventures fell far short of the quality of the comics. This was due to the animation technique, which before the 1980s often left a lot to be desired; and the limp composition of the stories. Asterix – victory over Caesar already fell out of line in 1985 because two of the best templates (gladiator as well as legionnaire) were skilfully interwoven and the best gags were perfect: how the enamored Obelix runs around trees because of the blond Falbala and carries imaginary menhirs. Not that good, but good enough Asterix with the British (1:55 p.m.) and Operation Hinkelstein (3:20 p.m.). No weekend without Pixar marvels: Everything is upside down (Disney Channel, Saturday, 6.50 p.m.) ventures a look into the brain of a pubescent; and the Scottish merida (Disney, Saturday 8:15 p.m.) is the first female Pixar heroine.

Harry and Sally

Romantic comedy, BR, 11:50 p.m

The comedies of the weekend move at the intersection of slapstick and drama. It takes Harry and Sally ten years to realize that they aren’t just teasing each other. But can you stay friends once you’ve been under the covers? Under the Tuscan sun (Sixx, Sunday, 10:50 p.m.) is a suitcase full of US clichés about Italy – but in the role of the betrayed woman who starts a new life in Italy is Diane Lane, a year after her star role in Unfaithfulgorgeous to look at. Spider-Man 2 (Vox, Sunday, 2:40 p.m.) came about in 2004, when only a few used the term MCU (for the sprawling Marvel Cinematic Universe) said something. It’s a fantasy spectacle; and yet the intimate question dominates as to whether the nerd Peter Parker (Tobey Maguire) will finally drop the mask in front of his flame Mary Jane Watson (Kirsten Dunst).

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