We’re stuck here, we can’t help it: The aesthetics of climate protest – culture

Over the past decades, new political resistance movements have repeatedly produced new forms of protest. The anti-nuclear initiatives of the 1950s used the Easter March. The 1968 movement the happening. The IRA and RAF terrorism in the 1970s the hunger strike. “Extinction Rebellion”, “Just Stop Oil” or the “Last Generation”, the leading organizations of the radical protest against the climate change, focus not only on attacks on famous works of art – a form of resistance that goes back to the suffragettes of the early 20th century – but above all on the previously unknown political act of sticking to objects or surfaces. Perhaps Holy Week is the right time to reflect more deeply on this specific aesthetic of resistance. Why did the climate activists choose this form? What meaningful symbolism does sticking on create? What does it say about the program and mentality of the movement?

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