Was George Orwell anti-Semitic? – Culture

When a book collects George Orwell’s statements about Jews and anti-Semitism for the first time in our time, one inevitably asks oneself: Is it a contribution to eliminating a serious misunderstanding – namely the glorification of one of the most important political writers of the 20th century, who was associated with the Dystopias “Animal Farm” and “1984” gained world fame? Or rather just overzealous activism, even unrestrained thirst for sensation? In this case, neither of the two applies. In the small Berlin publishing house Comino, the editor Paul Seeliger has prepared and carefully annotated comprehensive material from all of Orwell’s works, so that the debate about the author’s possible anti-Semitism can be continued in a nuanced manner. It has flared up again and again in recent months, albeit more in academic circles than in the general public.

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