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Vidya Balan Reveals Many Of Her Friends Rely On Their Husbands Over Financial Decisions

Vidya Balan is one of the renowned actresses in the Hindi film industry. She has carved her name in the hearts of millions, courtesy of her exceptional acting skills and pleasant personality. She has proven her mettle in acting by working in films like The Dirty Picture, Neeyat, Kahaani, Bhool Bhulaiyaa, Mission Mangal, Begum Jaan, Parineeta, Jalsa, Paa and many more. Recently, Vidya opened up about how societal pressures can stop women from feeling empowered and independent.

Vidya Balan talks about how societal and psychological factors stop women from feeling empowered

In an interview with a lifestyle coach, Luke Coutinho, Vidya Balan opened up about how societal and psychological factors play a role in holding back women from feeling empowered and independent. Talking about the same, the actress pointed at the women who, despite having successful careers, hand over their cheques to their husbands. Elaborating more on it, Vidya stated that women generally do it because they feel money matters have to be handled by men, as it symbolises power. In her words:

“There are so many working women, who have flourishing careers, who are earning really well, they’ll say, ‘I hand over the cheque to my husband’. Because money has to be controlled by the man. Why does money have to be controlled by the man? Because money is power, and you don’t want the man to feel threatened in any way.”

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In the same conversation, Vidya added that many of her friends have joint accounts with their husbands and they don’t know anything about money. The actress stated that this happens because, for ages, women have been taught that man controls and runs the house. Stressing the fact that women should take their financial calls, Vidya said:

“I have friends who’s like, ‘We have joint accounts, I don’t know anything about money.’ Arey, why don’t you know anything about money? You are doing so well, you are earning so well, why will you not know how much you have in the bank? Why are financial calls, not your calls? You don’t want to take that responsibility because you’ve been taught that the man controls everything and thats how it should be.”

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Vidya opens up about women who undergo cosmetic surgery to placate their partners

In the same interview, Vidya talked about cosmetic surgeries and stated that it is totally fine if women want to undergo cosmetic surgeries to avoid ageing. However, she feels that they should do it for themselves and not to please their significant others. Elaborating more about it, Vidya said that she feels fortunate to have her husband, Siddharth Roy Kapur, who ‘thinks the best’ for her.

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When Vidya talked about how her husband, Siddharth made her feel good about herself

Earlier, in an interview with Pinkvilla, Vidya shared that before playing the character ‘Silk’ in the film, The Dirty Picture, she was never called sexy. However, after that film, she met with a new version of herself. The actress also mentioned that it was during the same time she met her now-husband, Siddharth, who made her feel good about herself and helped her accept her body type.

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What do you think about Vidya’s take on women not feeling empowered because of societal factors? Let us know!

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