Victoria Beckham says David is ‘heartbroken’ over school request from daughter Harper (Updates)

Victoria and David Beckham, according to Victoria, were “heartbroken” by their daughter Harper Beckham’s request to be dropped off at school.

The fashion designer, 48, made the comment while appearing as a guest on an episode of the Armchair Expert podcast, which is hosted by 47-year-old Dax Shepard.

She discussed her life and work with the host of the podcast. She told stories about her family, mentioning her 47-year-old husband David, whom she married in 1999, among other things.

In the most recent episode, the mother of four recalled her childhood at one point before talking about Harper, her eleven-year-old daughter, and her experience with the school day.

Victoria claimed that her own father, Tony Adams, used to drive a Rolls Royce to take her to school. She explained that the businessman at the time was “very proud” of his vehicle.

“He also had a van because he was an electrical wholesaler. We had the Rolls Royce. “Please drop us off in the van, me and my sister used to say,” she said.

She went on to say: When we were in the Rolls, we’d be like, “Oh please drop us down the road.” I believe that more students at the school were being dropped off in a van.

She said that she felt “a little bit embarrassed” at the time, but she added, In today’s world, I would literally pull up to the front gate. And when I got out of that Rolls, I’d be proud.”

Podcast host Dax, who is married to Kristen Bell, 42, and has two children, suggested after the story that parents frequently “just can’t do right by [their] kids.”

Victoria stated, When David was dropping Harper off the other day, he was having this conversation. […] “Daddy, can you drop me a little farther away from the school,” she asked.
She went on to describe how “heartbroken” he was. Victoria made the following podcast comment: He thought, “Oh really, this is happening, she’s our youngest daughter.”

Victoria continued, ” After that, he said, “If it’s uncool that David Beckham is your dad…,” because, let’s be honest, what hope do the majority of the other kids have?

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