(UPDATES) Taylor Swift Concert Tickets Cost QTCinderella an Insane Amount

As part of her upcoming Eras Tour, millions of people have been attempting to obtain concert tickets for Taylor Swift. Many were unsuccessful, resulting in outrage from fans and political pressure on Ticketmaster for bungling the pre-sale. Notwithstanding, one fortunate fan who scored tickets was Jerk/YouTube star QTCinderella. However, they are extremely expensive here.

According to what she revealed on Fear&, the podcast that is hosted by Hasan Piker and the former Hey, Donna! star of QT, the online celebrity spent a combined total of $53,000 on concert tickets to see Swift. Will Neff, a co-star. When QT first revealed that she had purchased a $50,000 box suite for an unidentified concert on The Eras Tour, she was performing her duties as the pod’s honorary third co-host for the episode that aired on November 22. She only mentioned that she would make a vlog about the experience and didn’t go into great detail about the purchase. The Twitch streamer, who is well-known for her cooking broadcasts and elaborate collaboration events, waited six hours in Ticketmaster’s queue before she could make her purchases. Initially, she selected $3,000 worth of fourth-row tickets for herself, friends, and Fuslie, among others, on the Dec. 5 episode of Fear&. She then coughed up additional details, stating that she coughed up an additional $3,000 for standard tickets to another one of Swift’s shows. She then reserved a whole box suite, a VIP ticket option typically reserved by major corporations, for an additional date at an unknown stadium. The former G4TV regular, who also appeared on Name Your Price, Arena, and B4G4, revealed that this was the most she had ever spent on a single purchase, other than buying a home, and that the purchase came with 20 seats that cost an average of $2,500 per person. She had at first expected to buy a vehicle with the Quick show cash, however her old vehicle “turns out great” and she thinks the show experience will make her more joyful eventually.
QT made the shocking announcement that she primarily plans to bring members of her family, including some siblings and their spouses who do not even enjoy Swift’s music. QT seemed unsure whether Piker and Neff would be invited to the concert in a box, stating that she would need to “see where the list lands” before inviting the Fear& duo.

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