This is how the license fee can be reduced: The five hacks – media

The debate about public service broadcasting revolves around itself in a continuous loop. There has been talk of reforms for decades and even more of the importance of broadcasting for democracy and social cohesion. So far, however, there has been no sign of the reforms – despite the intensified debate after the RBB scandal. The prime ministers, who decide on the radio, are concerned with something else anyway, namely “contribution stability”. You’re afraid of that broadcasting fee could continue to rise. More precisely: that a further increase in the contribution in the state parliaments against the AfD (and also against parts of the CDU) can no longer be enforced without the Federal Constitutional Court having to intervene again. So it has to be saved. But since no one wants to curtail the station in their own federal state, savings are ultimately made where it is least noticeable at first glance: the cost of the program.

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