Swiss publisher Tamedia is suing “Spiegel” media

The Swiss media group Tamedia has filed a lawsuit against the Mirror submitted. As the company announced on request, it was decided “after careful consideration” that one the Mirror-Guest Post “Me Too” by Anuschka Roshani from February. The Swiss media portal was the first to report the lawsuit reported.

Roshani had from 2002 to 2022 for The magazine worked in Zurich, the weekend supplement of several Tamedia daily newspapers. In the Mirror the native German raised serious allegations against her longtime boss there, Finn Canonica. He installed “a regime of bullying,” verbally belittled them with sexualized remarks, and marked High German expressions in their texts with swastikas. Canonica, who has also not been with the company since the summer of 2022 magazine works, had the allegations disputed by his lawyer and is in turn suing him Mirror.

Tamedia is one of the four major media companies Switzerland and publishes a good dozen daily newspapers, including the Tages-Anzeigerwith which also the Southgerman newspaper cooperates. The guest post in Mirror had started a debate in the country about leadership culture in the media industry. In addition to Canonica, the focus was also on the publishing management of Tamedia, who accused Roshani of remaining inactive despite being aware of the allegations. Tamedia management denied this: the publisher “took the allegations very seriously and had them checked meticulously,” it said. An external investigation was mostly unable to confirm the allegations.

On Thursday, according to a company spokesman, Tamedia filed the lawsuit against both the Mirror as well as taking legal action against the author. “In Tamedia’s view, the allusion to the ‘Harvey Weinstein’ case, made both by text and images, violates personality,” explained the spokesman for the step. The Mirror acknowledge receipt of the complaint upon request. According to a spokesman, the magazine “obviously” adheres to the reporting.

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