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Sushmita Sen Revealed How Father Reacted When She Told Him She Had To Wear Swimsuit For Miss India

Date: December 7, 2023 Time: 3:05 am

Date: December 7, 2023 3:05 am

Sushmita Sen Revealed How Father Reacted When She Told Him She Had To Wear Swimsuit For Miss India

Sushmita Sen has been living life on her terms. In the ’90s, when a lot of emphasis was given to marriages and creating a family, and women were not considered the bread-earner, Sushmita broke the notion. She proved that she could be the home’s caretaker and a nurturer at the age of 24 when she adopted her first child, Renee Sen. Apart from her personal milestones, Sushmita’s professional life has been an inspiration. She came from a middle-class background and went on to become the first Miss Universe in 1994. However, her father, Shubeer Sen, was not happy with Sushmita’s decision to enter showbiz.

Sushmita Sen revealed her father, Shubeer Sen, didn’t talk to her after she dropped out of school to participate in Miss India

Sushmita Sen had a humble beginning, and when a Miss India agent discovered her and asked her to participate in the pageant, she brushed off his suggestion. In an interview with Mid-Day, Sushmita recently opened up about how her father, Shubeer Sen, was left upset after her decision to enter showbiz. Sushmita shared that her father was then an Indian Army officer and wanted her to be an IAS officer. However, he didn’t like that Sushmita wanted to enter Miss India.

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Sushmita shared that her father, Shubeer, didn’t talk to her for a bit. She also recalled the emotional moment when she told her father that she had to wear a swimsuit for the pageant and promised it wouldn’t be ‘crass’. Talking about the same, Sushmita shared:

“Door door tak in my family, there’s no one from the film industry. My father wanted me to be an IAS officer so I was preparing accordingly. When the bomb was dropped on my father that she wants to enter Miss India, my father didn’t speak to me for a bit. I remember having this very emotional moment with my father when I promised him, ‘Baba I have to wear a swimsuit. I cannot not wear it. It’s part of the show. But I promise you I’ll add respect to it. It will not be crass.”

Sushmita further shared that her father didn’t like the fact that she didn’t complete her graduation. She shared that he always wanted her to have a ‘degree’. Sushmita also shared that she philosophically told her father she would ‘graduate in life.’ And it turned true recently as she got an honourary doctorate, which her father had received on her behalf from Mr Narayana Murthy.

When Sushmita Sen’s father gave a bold reply to the judge in court when she was fighting the adoption case in 2000

It was in 2000 when Sushmita Sen took the bold decision to adopt her first daughter at the mere age of 24. She was single, young and fertile, which was the major blockage in her case. Once in interaction with Twinkle Khanna, Sushmita revealed how her father reacted to a shocking question asked by the judge in the courtroom. While talking to Twinkle, Sushmita recalled that the judge asked her father, Shubeer Sen, whether he was worried about her marriage after adoption. Her father replied confidently that he had not raised his daughter to be someone’s wife. Quoting him, Sushmita had said:

“She has chosen this motherhood and one thing I know my daughter to do is follow through.”

Well, we are glad Sushmita participated in Miss India and went on to become a Miss Universe, and didn’t choose any other profession.

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