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One should not imagine Mathias Döpfner’s mood as sun-drenched at the moment. Rather than a lightly sizzled, driven gloom – but in dazzling. Already with good thrust forward, but at the same time held in orbit by a mountain tunnel-black gravity. Hell of a stylish choice with it. All the more so when the answer really came as spontaneously as it seems in the interview with the dpa. Question: “What’s the name of the song that best describes your current state of mind?” Answer: “A textless techno track. ‘Transit 0.2’ by Marcel Dettmann.” well, respect!

So Döpfner’s state of mind is 127 bpm dark house, and the song shows both: roots in Berlin’s nightlife of the extended present and at the same time the horizon of the internationally active. Marcel Dettmann was already resident DJ at Berghain when it was still called Ostgut. With “Transit 0.2” he remixed a song by Patrick Gräser aka Answer Code Request in 2014 – for the “Fabric” compilation series of the London club of the same name. So a look into the radiant distance, and dark heaviness at home. In that interview, the former music critic and current Springer CEO Döpfner calls for the end of his printed newspapers World and picture and sounds like this: “It can now be the best phase for Axel Springer start.” At home in the Berlin headquarters, they fear very darkly for their jobs.

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