Springer demands a seven-figure severance payment from Julian Reichelt – media

The Axel-Springer-Verlag has filed a lawsuit against the former Picture-Boss Julian Reichelt submitted. Like the magazine Mirror reports that the group wants to reclaim a seven-figure severance payment that Reichelt received when he left. In addition, a six-figure penalty could come to Reichelt.

When Reichelt was released in autumn 2021, he concluded a severance agreement with Springer-Verlag – a severance payment in the millions was agreed. In addition, the parties are said to have agreed on various obligations there. According to the report, Reichelt is said to have violated several of these obligations.

The breaches of duty are said to have involved confidential data that he is said to have released. He also signed an alleged non-solicitation clause – but some former members are now working for his media company Rome Medien GmbH Picture-Editors. A clause in this contract should bring Reichelt a six-figure fine – in addition to the reclaimed severance payment.

Reichelt was relieved of his post in 2021. Numerous employees testified against him and accused him of abuse of power, and he is said to have had affairs with employees who reported to him. Reichelt denies the allegations.

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