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Holger Gertz

right now is in ZDF the art form “parody” once again honored: the much-discussed Böhmermann number about a week ago about Dieter Nuhr. What is important in parodies could be clearly seen in that show, precision is important in large and small, even in the speaking speed of the acting characters. Precision also in distinguishing from the original, so that no flat copy comes out. Unfortunately, ZDF did not adhere to this specification when a memorial was to be erected on Saturday evening to mark the holy Saturday evening. The intentionally pompous – and certainly self-deprecating – The show of shows The super show for the 60th anniversary of the broadcaster should once again make it tangible what showtime meant in the second half of the millennium, when television was still allowed to be a linear family experience. For this they had created a fusion format on ZDF, in which nothing meshed, the show of shows consisted of juxtaposed, reissued short versions of the so-called entertainment classics Bet that ..?, hurry up, The grand prize, hit parade and the children’s quiz 1,2 or 3.

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