Samrat Prithviraj film Box Office Day 14: Akshay Kumar Starrer Has A Very Low Week 2, 2022

Samrat Prithviraj had an exceptionally low second week as just 10.95 crores came in. Nobody might have anticipated such sort of a run for this YRF biggie and keeping in mind that the primary week was a stunner in itself, the sort of fall that it has required in the subsequent week is likewise shocking.

With this, the film has now scarcely gone past the 60 crores mark as its absolute stands at 66 crores. The film will cross the 70 crores mark ultimately yet will miss the mark concerning the 75 crores absolute.

Not that it makes a big deal about a distinction since Samrat Prithviraj ought to have completed 175 crores really to acquire any sort of a triumph tag and here the all out will miss the mark by in excess of 100 crores.

There are sure movies that simply get no kind of start at all and they get thus, tragically much disregarded that there is no verbal exchange at all, be it certain or negative.

Samrat Prithviraj, a period show, has ended up being one such film which neglected to stir a very remarkable interest right from the promotion stage itself and from that point forward was fiercely quavered or completely disregarded.

While this one is to be sure a monstrous business disappointment, have confidence, Akshay Kumar will continue on toward something better with his next set of deliveries. From film industry speech, Samrat Prithviraj is a business fiasco.

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