Robert Gallinowski is dead: actor died at the age of 53 – media


Christine Dossel

Robert Gallinowski was what you call a real guy: strong build, broad shoulders, deep voice, plus a round, full face with a prominent bald head. He could scowl and embody a beefy, seedy masculinity. This was done on German crime television series like Police call 110, balcony, The old, Bella Block, Wolff’s territory, Wilsberg and all sorts socos in which Gallinowski was involved, often as a criminal, tough guy or at least a suspect. alone in crime scene he starred in over a dozen episodes. In the Lawyer series The thick with Dieter Pfaff, who since his death in 2013 as The office is continued, Gallinowski was there from 2009 on in several episodes as Chief Inspector Ole Hansen.

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