Reichelt’s law firm: Bar Association comments on controversial mandate – media

For reporting on the law firm Irle Moser in Berlinboth exPicture-Boss Julian Reichelt represents as well as one of the women who accuse him of abuse of power, the Berlin Bar Association now reports with a press release. No concrete statements can be made about the specific case, since the chamber is legally obliged to maintain secrecy. However, Chamber President Vera Hofmann adds: “The board of directors of the Berlin Bar Association is not known for hesitantly pursuing such proceedings.” In this case, however, the Bar Association will not comment on whether professional proceedings have been initiated or what measures have been taken. “To draw the conclusion from this that the RAK Berlin does not ‘intervene’ or ‘get out of the affair with general statements’ is simply wrong.”

The SZ first reported about it a week agothat lawyer Ben Irle is representing Julian Reichelt, and his colleague Christian-Oliver Moser is one of the women who accuse Reichelt of abuse of power. Both lawyers, Irle and Moser, assured the SZ that there was no conflict of interest. The Bar Association referred to the general ban on representing conflicting interests for lawyers in a law firm, and to the fact that there is an exception to this ban under the conditions of the Federal Lawyers Act (BRAO) and the Professional Code (BORA). One of these requirements: the parties to the dispute must have been informed in writing by the law firm in advance and must expressly agree.

Moser’s client told the SZ on Mondaythat she expressly “did not agree with the Reichelt mandate of her colleague Irle and was not informed about it”.

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