RBB: Spicy details from the inside – media

Verena Formen-Mohr, ex-manager under RBB director Schlesinger, is suing against her dismissal. Spicy details from inside the transmitter are now known in court.

Verena Formen-Mohr appears composed. She greets the group of journalists present. When she finally takes a seat next to her lawyer in the courtroom, she smiles. She was looking forward to this appointment, she will say later. Because she can finally present her point of view. For a good five years, Formen-Mohr was the head of the main directorship department at the public broadcaster RBB Patricia Schlesinger. When the RBB scandal started and her boss announced her resignation in August, Formen-Mohr was released within three hours. She was later dismissed with extraordinary notice. The people who released her were Schlesinger’s previous deputy, Hagen Brandstätter, and legal director Susann Lange. Both of them had to leave later as well – they too were terminated without notice.

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