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The newspapers Washington Post and new York Times and the AP news agency are in the US for their coverage of the war Ukraine and Restrictions on Abortion Rights in the United States won the Pulitzer Prize. Caroline Kitchener from the Washington Post received what is probably the most famous journalistic award in the world for her reporting on a woman who gave birth to twins because of restrictions on abortion rights in the USA.

The New York Times won in the international reporting category “for their unflinching coverage of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, including an eight-month investigation into the Ukrainian deaths in the city of Bucha”.

The AP news agency honored the jury for their journalistic work in pictures and words from the heavily contested Ukrainian city of Mariupol, long after other news organizations had left the place. In the process, AP worked with Ukrainian journalists and thus secured the award in the particularly prestigious category “Public Service”.

The Pulitzer Prizes were announced for the 107th time. 15 of the 23 categories are reserved for journalistic work, from investigative stories to photos to caricatures. The award is also given for literature, music and theatre. The winners are determined by a jury based at New York’s Columbia University.

Last year, among other things, the reporting of the Washington Post on the attack on the US Capitol. The newspaper gave the public a “thorough and unflinching understanding of one of the nation’s darkest days,” it said.

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