Publishers Association BDZV and Mathias Döpfner: Publishing Group NOZ resigns – Media

At the Federal Association of Digital Publishers and Newspaper Publishers, there would actually have been news that was in the future Mathias Döpfner point. In an extraordinary meeting on Tuesday, the BDZV executive committee recommended two names for the new board. In other words, for Döpfner’s successor, who was president of the publishers’ association for six years until he resigned last year after months of internal fighting. This was preceded by the scandal surrounding the earlier one Picture-Boss Julian Reichelt, and the question, which has been negotiated in the international press, what Springer boss Döpfner knew about the allegations of abuse of power against Reichelt and why he still let him do it. The Döpfner issue triggered a dispute in the publishers’ association, which escalated in the Funke media group, led by publisher Julia Becker, resigning.

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