Publisher Friedrich passes Julian Reichelt on to Mathias Döpfner – Medien

It is about the 67th act of the tragedy “Axel Springer”, the audience is already slightly exhausted – but now appearance: Holger Friedrich. The publisher of Berlin newspaper appears surprisingly in the big picture. So far, the following have appeared: Springer boss, Potsdam educated actor and publisher’s favorite Mathias Döpfner, his exPicture-Boss Julian Reichelt and his ex-employees, some of whom meanwhile believed to have been ex-girlfriends, and writer Benjamin von Stuckrad-Barre, who doesn’t want to have written any investigative novel about all this, but has written a investigative novel that is already so successful, that whole busloads of other writers have ended up in nirvana for the time being in terms of the economy of attention.

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