Premiere of “Water” by Anna Gschnitzer in Ingolstadt: strong pull – culture


Christine Dossel

Once again a family comes together for a celebration, so that the round explodes dramatically and symptomatically. The derailed family reunion with accusations and re-traumatization of all kinds is a popular and very grateful subject in the theatre like in the movie. Also Anna Gschnitzer draws on it in her piece “Water”, only to then make her own thing out of it: a finely spun and wittily complex drama about patriarchal violence and power structures and the question of how we became who we are. “Water”, staged by Alexander Nerlich in the Small House of the City Theater Ingolstadtis an example of a really successful premiere, also because the director and his set team actually get involved with the text with congenial flair and a lot of imagination and don’t put anything over it that couldn’t be fished from its depths.

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