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This police call is quite full of inspector statements: “Did your husband have life insurance?” – “When did you last see your father?” – “What about Schick’s alibi?” And, a classic: “Kommense, don’t let everything be pulled out of your nose.” There’s a lot of talking, especially at the beginning, where “The God of Bankruptcy” seems like an all too conventional whodunit. A dead man lies in the gravel pit, the man was in debt and had fallen into the claws of an insolvency administrator, who was portrayed as having the usual ruthless teeth. Already chewed through a thousand times, this plot.

The fact that the moderately exciting case then develops its own charm is largely due to the crew in the police station. With the Brandenburg investigators, the personnel carousel spun as energetically as it was only during the winter break in the Bundesliga squad of FC Augsburg. Maria Simon as Olga Lenski has been gone for a long time, and is now also missing Lucas Gregorowicz as Adam Raczek. stayed Andre Kaczmarczyk as Vincent Rossa chief inspector described as “gender fluid”: eyes framed in kohl, snake print shirt.

Ross establishes what is arguably the longest word ever preached on Holy Crime Sunday

Such a character is quickly overdrawn, but the excellent Kaczmarczyk combines the exalted with the grounded, the unconventional with the sensitive. He is an investigator who like the Dortmunder crime scene-Hero Faber reenacts the course of events. But unlike Faber, he’s a listening, compassionate guy. Director Felix Karolus and screenwriter Mike Bäuml let him say characteristic sentences, the story finally takes place on the edge of the Way of St. James. The fact that the whole thing doesn’t slip into the esoteric is also due to the inspector, who already doesn’t know much about the terminology of those looking for meaning and, quite incidentally, establishes what is probably the longest word that was ever preached in the living rooms of the community on Holy Crime Sunday: ” Tell me, this pilgrimage route map of St. James – where did he put it?”

Karl Rogov (Frank Leo Schröder) has been placed alongside the dazzling Vincent Ross. Old iron, tough cop, yesterday’s man. But Ross, with his wit, wakes him up again. It’s also nice how the two don’t need a run-up to be able to trust each other and say a lot with just a few words.

Rogov: “Why does someone like you go to the police?”

Ross: “Because everything has to change.”

Police call 110Sunday, 8:15 p.m., The First.

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