Pistorius at “Maischberger”: All the questions from the glass ball factory – media

Spring offensive, Bundeswehr, relations with Russia: At first, the defense minister said nothing new about Sandra Maischberger. The audience almost gives the impression that it believes that the turning point in history is all its own.

Four months in office, currently the most popular German politician. On this extremely shaky throne of the people Boris Pistorius recently replaced Robert Habeck. Sandra Maischberger begins by asking the new Defense Minister whether the dismissal of State Secretary for Energy Patrick Graichen, which has just been announced, was “a liberating blow or an own goal” for Economics Minister Habeck. Pistorius takes up the football metaphor immediately: “It depends on how the game goes.” When Maischberger digs deeper and wants to elicit critical words from him about the nepotism affair, he says: “It’s a very difficult phase for Robert Habeck and I think it’s a shame for him.”

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