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Park Hyung Sik Reveals ‘Do Bong Soon’ Staff Believed He Was Dating Park Bo Young, ‘I Looked At Her..

Date: February 21, 2024 Time: 2:44 am

Date: February 21, 2024 2:44 am

Park Hyung Sik Reveals 'Do Bong Soon' Staff Believed He Was Dating Park Bo Young, 'I Looked At Her..

South Korean actor, Park Hyung Sik has enchanted millions of K-drama fanatics with his versatile performances. The 32-year-old has been a part of several popular K-dramas, including The Heirs, Soundtrack #1, Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth, and many more. However, his leading role in the 2017 K-drama, Strong Girl Bong Soon increased his popularity by manifolds. While Park Hyung Sik was filming for the same drama with his co-star, Park Bo Young, reports went viral stating that the duo found love in each other’s arms. 

Their on-screen chemistry in the K-drama, Strong Girl Bong Soon led to speculations that Hyung Sik and Bo Young were dating in real life. Moreover, the Hallyu actor later even admitted to having feelings for Bo Young and revealed that he took on the role of ‘Ahn Min Hyuk’ just because of Bo Young. He believed that his genuine emotions for the actress made his role in the drama his best performance to date. 

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Park Hyung Sik reveals why Strong Girl Bong Soon staff thought he was dating Park Bo Young

Recently, Park Hyung Sik sat for a conversation with Na PD on his YouTube channel. The actor was accompanied by the Hallyu actress, Park Shin Hye, who is starring with him in the 2024 romcom, Doctor Slump. A clip from their conversation went viral on social media, where both Na PD and Park Shin Hye discussed Hyung Sik’s eye contact with people. Shin Hye agreed with the observations made by people who have worked with Hyung Sik and added that he has the ability to make people fall in love with him through his treatment of others, even when he simply says hello.

During the same conversation with the host, Hyung Sik revealed that the entire cast and crew of Strong Girl Bong Soon believed that he was dating his co-star, Bo Young. He mentioned that the staff thought that the two stars had something romantic going on because of the way he looked at her. Hyung Sik also recalled how Bo Young would clap back at these rumours on the set. He said:

“When I was filming Do Bong Soon, I guess I looked at her in a way that had people asking if we had something going on. Noona (Bo Young) said to the director ‘Director, I will film you (with Hyung Sik) and watch how he looks at you. He looks at you the same way.’”

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Netizens’ reaction to the revelations made by Park Hyung Sik

As soon as the clip from the same conversation went viral on social media, netizens took to their respective accounts to pen their thoughts on the chemistry between Park Hyung Sik and Park Bo Young. While some shared that they thought that ‘Min-Min’ and ‘Bong-Bong’ were dating in real life, others reminisced about the time when Hyun Sik accepted having a crush on Bo Young.

When Park Hyung Sik gushed about his co-star, park Bo Young

In November 2023, Park Hyung Sik sat for an interview with Hindustan Times and recalled his on-screen chemistry with Park Bo Young. He talked about his reunion with Bo Young for the 2023 drama, Strong Girl Nam Soon. The 32-year-old mentioned in the interview that his co-star is still a cute and lovely person, but has matured. He said:

“I met Park Bo-young again after a while. I felt that she was still cute and lovely, but also a more mature and deepened person. In the six years that passed, she portrayed Do Bong-soon so perfectly that it made the passage of time seem meaningless. I could journey back to the past along with her, it was truly an enjoyable time.”

What do you think of the revelations by Park Hyung Sik? Let us know.

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Pic courtesy: Pinterest, Park Hyung Sik’s IG

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