Non-fiction book “Hass” by Şeyda Kurt: Those who hate have not given up yet – culture


Aurelie von Blazekovic

Sunflowers in the children’s room and this irrepressible feeling: hatred. “With my 155 centimeters, I build myself up in front of the mirror that is fixed in the middle of the wardrobe, a three-door made of light wood imitation, Poco classic, the handles are clumsy like small, round potatoes.” At the age of 12, this ego in Şeyda Kurt’s “Hass” collects artificial sunflowers, sunflower candles, sunflower paintings, “because a person who wants to grow up can no longer collect Diddl plush”. She, “the protagonist in her own Turkish soap opera”, kicks the door of the children’s room with her foot, “into the world out there that my parents shut me off”.

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