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Brady’s Ladies

Annett Scheffel: The chemistry between the four legendary Leading Ladies (Lily Tomlin, Jane Fonda, Rita Moreno & Sally Field) is warm and soothing. As a lively Tom Brady fan quartet, you go to the Superbowl to see the star quarterback play live. The sports comedy isn’t really a touchtown, although the script was written by the “Booksmart” author duo Sarah Haskins and Emily Halpern, who actually know how to avoid lame jokes and genre clichés. Kyle Marvins Directorial debut doesn’t shy away from product placement and is more like a children’s film for seniors: heartwarming but silly.

Empire of Light

Josef Gruebl: She greets the guests, sells tickets and grabs the popcorn from the armchairs – but she never sees films. It is clear that this employee of a venerable English cinema palace is missing something. The fact that she suffers from bipolar disorder springs from the mind of her inventor: Sam Mendes wrote the first screenplay on his own, in which he talks about sanity, racism, Thatcherism and the magic of cinema. That’s quite a lot for a film, but unfortunately it also seems quite constructed. But since the Brit is a good director, it’s still fun to watch. The only thing he should leave to others is the writing of the screenplay.

Happy 50th

Fritz Goettler: Yves (Guillaume de Tonquédec) turns fifty, so his friends and their wives take him to a Greek island. But the flight is cancelled, so instead we go to Kerzélek, in Brittany, where Yves has his old family home. The weather isn’t exactly sunny as promised, grumbling and trying to protect yourself from worse (don’t light a cigarette from a candle or a sailor will die!). But then someone in the group (Lambert Wilson) has the stupid idea of ​​making Yves happy with a DNA test as a gift. A whodunit – was the gardener the father? Eric Lavaine is a little master of the French midlife buddy comedy, in which weirdness suddenly gains a dreary abyss. But humid Brittany has delicacies to offer, such as grilled mussels. “Plancha” is the original name of the film, it is a continuation of Lavaine’s “Barbecue”. We will soon have another film by him, “Mamma ante portas”.

infinity pool

Fritz Goettler: The sufferings of the young best-selling author James, in a decadent luxury resort, the beach is southern, the military pomp more central European. Like the one in Petzold’s “Red Sky”, the boy is looking for inspiration for his second book. Then he drunkenly drives a local man to death, and that’s the death penalty here. However, if you pay enough, the execution can also be carried out on a substitute clone … and that is practiced here with the most hideous and malicious consequence, by the eldest son of the killed man. This is how the third film of Brandon Cronenberg into a spiral of excessive nihilism, the fake life in the real world crumbles the sublime concept of guilt and responsibility. Alexander Skarsgård is the tormented James, and his longing for a really good night’s sleep grows ever greater.

Loriot’s great animated film revue

Philip Stadelmaier: Peter Geyer presents the cartoons of the great Loriot with new brilliance and sharpness, revealing what contemporary German humor has lost: the ability of bourgeois society to laugh at itself. The joke lies in reading the comedy of the Federal Republican stiffness and pedantry and blowing them up like the noses of the characters. The essence of Loriot’s humor, the grotesqueness of cuteness, simply comes into its own at its best in cartoons. Past times.

Miss Viborg

Magdalena Pulz: The best schnitzels are said to be in Hanover, says Solveij. But she doesn’t really know – the single elderly woman has never really left the dreary Danish town of Viborg. In equanimity, Solveij spends her days selling her prescription drugs. Delivered in proper style in an electric wheelchair, her badly dyed red hair blowing in the wind. But when the smart neighbor’s daughter Kate (Isabella Møller Hansen) literally steals into her life, Solveij dares to take another step towards the world. one of Marianne Blicher sensitively staged tragic comedy full of lightness, which sometimes trickles along a little too calmly.

One In A Million

Anna Steinbauer: The successful Youtuber and her biggest fan: While Whitney’s life in the USA consists of hard gymnastics training, which she documents with videos, Yara spends several hours a day in Germany feeding her idol’s no less successful fan account, which she created has. Director accompanied for two years Joya Thome the two teenagers who don’t know each other and yet have so much in common. The result is a sensitive coming-of-age portrait of two adolescents that comes very close to its protagonists and takes their striving for success, longing and loneliness seriously.

red sky

Suzanne Vahabzadeh: A summer film with an undertone of fear and threat: Leon (Thomas Schubert) and Felix (Langston Uibel) want to be kissed by their muse during the holidays, but the quiet holiday home in the forest on the Baltic Sea coast is already occupied by Nadja (Paula Beer). Christian Petzold tells a love story in almost apocalyptic circumstances, hardly anyone can draw figures and create emotions as precisely as he can. And the red sky is no romantic sunset – wildfires are getting closer. One of the best German films of recent timesawarded the Grand Jury Prize at the Berlinale.

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