“Maischberger”: Gauck and Wissing meet at the roll button – media

With Sandra Maischberger, the former Federal President and Minister of Transport measure a wide range of German sensitivities. Angela Merkel and Helmut Schmidt are disenchanted, in the end it even comes down to the question: Does Germany need a king?

At first glance, it is a courageous decision by Sandra Maischberger, to invite Volker Wissing and Joachim Gauck to the studio at the same time. After all, a wide range of German sensitivities is opening up between the FDP Minister of Transport, who is currently propagating the roll button for short-term parkers, and the former Federal President, who, in a new book, describes the external dangers (Putin!) and the internal dangers (right-wing populists!) for missing democracy. But in the end everything will make sense. And Wissing’s roll button will fit into the image of a German society that, according to Gauck, needs a policy that has a “homely and pacifying” effect.

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