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Science journalist, TV presenter and Youtuber Mai Thi Nguyen-Kim has announced that her channel produced by Funk maiLab on youtube stop. She said goodbye to her community with an almost 20-minute video entitled “The end of maiLab”. Reasons for the end of the channel include the departure of her most important partner Melanie Gath at SWR and the changed life situation of the presenter. The priorities had shifted noticeably with the birth of her first child a little over two years ago, says the presenter, who is currently pregnant again.

“For a long time I thought about how I can stick to maiLab – with two children and without Melanie,” says the Youtuber in her farewell video. In the end, she came to the conclusion that “now is a good time to stop using maiLab to close a chapter”.

Almost 1.5 million “Friends of the Sun”, as Mai Thi Nguyen-Kim calls her followers, followed the science channel, which in 2016 was still known as pretty smart Founded. Since then, the doctor of chemistry and her team have been explaining various topics from the fields of natural and social sciences. But she already announced new projects after the baby break, without being specific. For the ZDF formats MayThink X and Terra X Mai Thi Nguyen-Kim will continue to be in front of the camera. Also the canal maiLab together with the almost 190 videos will continue to exist and will not be deleted.

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