Magazines “Elle” and “Madame”: Cover dispute ends with comparison in court

Bottlenecks in champagne! Philippe Schaus, the manager responsible for drinks at the luxury group LVMH, warned in an interview with the Bloomberg news agency at the end of last year that the stocks of some brands of the noble drink were running out. All the better for the colleagues ellthat a box will arrive there in the next few days. The sender is Dominik Wichmann, Managing Director of the Looping Group in Munich. He sends them along with champagne glasses, which are supposed to resemble the shape of a peace pipe. why the show

A year and a half ago was on the December issue of the magazine madamwhich has been published by Looping’s Beautiful Minds Media division for a good two years, to see the same cover picture as on the December issue of the ellwho at burda appears. The twin look led to a lot of resentment between the Munich houses. Burda and Looping both believed that they owned the exclusive rights to the picture by photographer Victor Demarchelier. It is a shot of Canadian model Coco Rocha with her daughter Ioni. Looping boss Dominik Wichmann said: “We bought the exclusive rights to the picture for Germany, Austria and Switzerland, they are valid until mid-December.” Burda countered in a statement: “Any allegations are unfounded. ell reserves the right to take legal action.” The photo was specially for ell been produced.

“Elle” transfers money – but “Madame” has to pay the court costs

After the German publisher of the ell was not willing to admit a mistake, the looping group felt compelled to protect its rights and filed a lawsuit. A legal dispute ensued at the district court in Hamburg. It now ended in a comparison “through which the ell has committed, the madam to transfer a tidy, five-digit sum of money,” Dominik Wichmann said in a Linkedin post.

Burda states: “The settlement includes a low five-digit amount, of which madam respectively Beautiful Minds has to pay a significant part of the court coffers and the lawyers because they have to bear 90 percent of the legal costs”. Money for madamchampagne for ellcheers.

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