Kai Diekmann: Who was, who is “Bild”? – Media

The ex-editor-in-chief publishes a book about his time at “Bild” – and advertises it extensively. Regarding the turbulence surrounding Springer, Diekmann says he is “thank God not part of this drama”. Is that so?

When the media unrest about the dismissal of Picture-editor-in-chief Julian Reichelt was looking for a Springer CEO Mathias Döpfner in November 2022 one public under his control. In an episode of the in-house podcast “On the record”, he spoke of lessons he had learned and of a “necessary critical distance” that he may have lacked from the former editor-in-chief. And then Mathias Döpfner said – without getting so specific that it could have had any real value for everyone but himself – “I can only apologize”.

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