Journalists under pressure in Afghanistan: Documentary “Etilaat Roz” – Media

As a video reporter for the Afghan newspaper Etilaat Roz Abbas Rezaie had the camera in his hand anyway – so he also turned it on in the editorial offices when the Taliban overran the capital Kabul in August 2021. The film that Rezaie cut from the material shows how the young editors around the always smoking and – in tea drinking country Afghanistan rather exotic – the coffee-drinking editor Zaki Daryabi hopes and despairs, discusses the possibilities of continuing and fleeing or, in order to at least forget the situation for a moment, plays table tennis in the courtyard of the editorial office. Many of the editorial staff are Hazara, an ethnic minority who belong to Shia Islam and have never supported the Sunni Taliban – and have therefore been cruelly opposed by them. Etilaat Roz has just that DOK.Fest Munich opened, Abbas Rezaie, who now lives in the Netherlands, has come to the premiere.

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