JK Rowling and Transpolitics: The Consequences for the Harry Potter Business – Culture

Probably no children’s book series is so loved to this day. The woman who wrote it fares very differently. Now there are plans for a streaming series, and some are questioning whether JK Rowling is bad for her own business now.


Alexander Menden

One can recall the point at which Joanne Rowling, better known as JK Rowling, finally became a politically controversial figureto name quite precisely: On December 19, 2019, the “Harry Potter“-author tweeted her support for British Maya Forstater, who was fired from a think tank for allegedly transphobic comments. Everyone should live as he or she wants, “but force women out of their jobs because they claim gender is a reality?” asked Rowling. She also explicitly rejected the categorization of women as “people who menstruate”.

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