Interview with Sven Regener from Element of Crime

SZ Magazine: Mr. Regener, were you the funniest child in your class at school or did you have a healthy self-confidence?
Sven Regener: I had a big mouth and spun the big political wheel, so 1970s-ish.

At 15 you joined the Communist League of West Germany, a Maoist cadre organization with the acronym KBW, and fought for the proletarian world revolution for four years.
As a K-Group member, I led a very regular life. Everything you did was subordinated to the slightly sectarian character of the KBW. Of course, at that age it is very convenient to be able to clearly define one’s own position. I was the guy who works politically, does program training and the Communist People’s Daily reads. I found the people at KBW kinda cool. K-groups like the KPD or the KPD/ML seemed much more hermetic to me.

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