“Hard but fair” on the subject of meat consumption and vegetarianism – media

The chef says vegetarian can be sexy, Cem Özdemir doesn’t want to proselytize and the farmer has no sympathy. With “Hart aber fair” the question arises: How can it be that good nutrition in Germany is still not affordable for everyone?


Nele Pollatschek

Actually, one should praise smokers much more often. Because smokers achieve something great: They don’t justify themselves. Or at least not anymore. Anyone who is left out in the rain with smokers today does not have to listen to the fact that smoking is somehow harmful, but actually it is self care. Or that the smoker, no matter what the relatives claim, basically for the family smokes, after all the cigarette makes him a more relaxed person. Or that tobacco is a centuries-old cultural asset, or that the state should not be deprived of the tobacco tax by not smoking – with this inflation and during a war of aggression that violates international law.

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