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Grammy Awards


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Grammys 2023: Beyoncé at the awards ceremony

Beyoncé accepts the Grammy for Best Dance/Electronic Music for her album Renaissance. She has won 32 awards with it – more than all artists before her.


Beyoncé is now a record-breaking Grammy winner, but a sense of calculus before relevance remains this year. About the question of what awards are still worth.


Juergen SchmiederLos Angeles

Missed the first big moment of the evening Beyonce. “Cuff It” was at the beginning of the Grammy Awards won Best R&B Song before the singer arrived in downtown Los Angeles. It had rained on Sunday afternoon, when the already notoriously inept drivers in this city become dangerous obstacles on the highways. So something can happen. Nevertheless, there was an involuntary message in this moment, in which the artist should get a Grammy (in a minor category) and then, for the time being, draw level with the Hungarian-British conductor Sir Georg Solti as the most awarded person in history so far: Beyoncé does not need this event – the Grammys need Beyoncé.

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