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From Li’s Red Food Diet To Fan Bingbing’s Liquid Diet

Date: December 7, 2023 Time: 4:03 am

Date: December 7, 2023 4:03 am

What Chinese Actresses Eat To Stay Young: From Li's Red Food Diet To Fan Bingbing's Liquid Diet

The entertainment industry sets unrealistic beauty standards for all its artists, be it in any part of the world. But it is a step more brutal in countries like South Korea and China, where ageing is seen as a taboo. Here, the actress takes extreme measures to retain their youthful figure and skin and opt for rigorous diet plans to achieve that cinched hourglass figure and glass-like skin.

Suppose you are someone who is looking to achieve that celebrity-like glow and is interested in following their diet plans, then we have got you covered. Here are some crazy diet plans that the Chinese actresses follow to look young and age backwards. While some diet plans here are absurd, a few of them are good enough to try; read on to know more.

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#1. Li Bingbing’s boiled food diet

This 50-year-old Chinese actress looks not a day older than 30, thanks to her rigorous and rigid diet plan. The Resident Evil actress follows a diet for her youthful look and her glass-like skin. All her life, Li has consumed only boiled vegetables with no salt, seasoning and oil. Moreover, the actress avoids fried food at all costs.

Another unique aspect of Li Bingbing’s diet is that she prefers to consume more and more of red food. As per her, women should eat red food like red dragonfruit, red plums, beetroots, red tea, etc. The reason for such obsession with red food was not disclosed, but Li firmly believes that red food helps retain women’s youthful glow. 

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#2. Ni Hongjie’s special tea diet

45-year-old actress, Ni Hongjie follows a special flower and collagen-based diet to look young and vibrant. The actress starts her day with a special flower tea daily, followed by some collagen-rich fish maw. The fish maw helps nourish her energy and strengthens her lungs and Kidney. Ni Hongjie then incorporates another special tea as her lunch, made with hawthorn ginger, goji berries, red dates and apples. 

#3. Rainie Yang’s intermittent fasting diet

Rainie Yang is another actress and singer who follows a rigorous diet to maintain her weight and looks. The actress consumes only two meals a day. Rainie starts her day with boiled vegetables and fried chicken or beef. For her last meal of the day, she drinks unsweetened soy milk with a scoop of protein powder in it. The actress added that if she feels hungry in the middle of the day, she will munch on some boiled sweet potatoes. 

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#4. Jolin Jin’s cucumber diet

Jolin Jin is a Chinese comedian who recently tried her hands in acting, and for that, Jolin put her body through an extreme diet plan. Jolin follows the Copenhagen diet to fit the desired hourglass body type, consuming only cucumber and yoghurt. However, Jolin divulged that she follows this diet only when she needs to lose weight. 

#5. Fan Bingbing’s liquid diet

The richest actress in Asia, Fan Bingbing, follows an extremely strict diet to maintain her body and weight. The actress regularly goes into a liquid diet whenever she feels slightly overweight. Fan sustains only on water for a few days till her weight normalises. Apart from this, Fan Bingbing follows a no-sugar diet and consumes a lot of juices throughout the day. She sticks to her boiled vegetables and salads to retain her youth and weigh particular kilos.

Let us know your views on these absurd diet plans followed by Chinese actresses.

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