Franziska Giffey: What are her plans for the future as the governing Senator for Building? – Culture


Peter Richter

The Office of the Senator for Urban Development and Building in Berlin is to take over from the previous Governing Mayor Franziska Giffey if, as planned, a grand coalition is formed. That became known on Monday evening, and for the time being it has to be put strictly in the form of a possibility, because everything can still turn out differently if the base of the SPD does not agree to a government alliance with the CDU. The previous, well, partners from the Greens and the Left partly secretly hope for it, partly they openly promote it. But if, as agreed, the black-red alliance comes about at the end of April should, the building senator would probably be called Giffey. When asked what that might mean for the city, it can be said that the senator will no longer be called Andreas Geisel.

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