End of an exemplary cooperation: RBB announces Mittagsmagazin-Studio – Medien


Claudia Tieschky

A few weeks ago, when RBB director Katrin Vernau presented her strategy for the “reorientation” of her station, that was also what it was about lunchtime magazinethat from ARD and ZDF is broadcast alternately on a weekly basis and that RBB produces for ARD. At the time, Vernau announced severe cuts – also and above all in the program and in the program structure of the broadcaster, which was shaken by scandals. According to Vernau, the RBB has to save 49 million euros in order to secure the station’s financing at all by the end of 2024. Announcements about the future of lunchtime magazines left room for interpretation. The RBB, said Vernau, “does not want to continue to afford the show on its own”. Say: The previous practice that the lunchtime magazine not paid by the ARD community, but by the RBB itself, should stop. There will be talks with ARD and ZDF about continuing the show.

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