Disney Plus Series: Welcome to Chippendales Media

Sex, money, intrigues, even murder – the story of the stripping Chippendales offers the best series material. If only Disney Plus hadn’t relied on it too much.


Caroline Gasteiger

Of course, the Chippendales serve as the best film and series material. No, not the noble pieces of furniture, although they even have something to do with the story. But that group of stripping men who trained, oiled up with mullets and Tom Selleck mustaches inspired female sex fantasies in the eighties and made their managers filthy rich. At their peak, there were two clubs the Chippendales performed at, one in Los Angeles and one in New York, as well as Chippendales calendars and a worldwide touring schedule. Some Chippendale from back then now claim to have undressed for about a million women.

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