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No, in this one crime scene from Zurich nothing goes together. In terms of content, it is divided into two parts, in the first the numerous murder cases in the highest circles seem to have something to do with a mafia conspiracy, in the second everything condenses into a drama of abuse, which is told more rapidly towards the end. The different parts of this crime scene also have different tempos.

The prelude to “Seilschaft” (directed by Tobias Ineichen, written by Claudia Pütz and Karin Heberlein) is as busy as has rarely been seen since the founding of Tatort in the early seventies. The investigators Tessa Ott (Carol Schuler) and Isabelle Grandjean (Anna Pieri Zuercher) walk – door open, door closed – like sleep’s sisters here and there, to Lake Zurich, to the slaughterhouse, to the watch shop, to the boxing club, this walking and driving around lengthy filmed. The spectacular way in which all delinquents are transported to the afterlife is intended to provide excitement, even the oak processionary moth is used here. But even these killing methods, which are overly keen on thrills, don’t fit in with the homely rest, the sequences from the construction kit are the most wooden crime scene– Dialogue kills any mood. “Two homicides in two days!” – “Do you have anything new about the perpetrator profile?” – “Where were you on Monday evening?” And so on and on.

Classic: In the end, the detective work is done by the man

Ott/Grandjean started in 2020 as a modern criminologist duo. The aim was to make women more visible. A public prosecutor has an important role, a clichéd trainer reigns in the boxing club, but essential investigative work is done by a man again, forensic technician Noah Löwenherz. When the second part suddenly picks up speed, investigator Ott is personally affected, to an extent that is difficult to understand. One would have had to invest a lot more in character development in the Swiss – a core omission – in the past four episodes crime scene.

After the sluggish start, everything ends in a dramatic double showdown, pistols at the ready, everything should now get out of control, but the accused suspect still finds time to put the following sentences on the record: “What kind of investigation is this? You are absolutely incompetent.” If at some point it becomes involuntarily funny, nothing really fits anymore.

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