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How nice when the UHT milk is already cold. Obviously, the colleague at the new location in Hanover knows Chief Inspector Falke’s (Wotan Wilke Möhring) favorite drink. And rejoices: “I’ve heard a lot from you!” is the man crime scene-Fan?

Falke, who has not been sidelined by the NDR for ten years despite not always convincing cases, which is probably the reason for the drinking frenzy, is generally not the emotional type. He only smiles with the leather jacket, so to speak.

The NRDcrime scene never maxed out. This time it also fits well because Falke and colleague Julia Grosz (Franziska Weisz) are definitely leaving their comfort zone. Not only do they investigate in the smuggler milieu (a long-distance truck driver from Passau, which is apparently fundamentally a suspect, plays a role who looks like Eberhofer’s little brother by day, really true), but they also want to help Hope and Jon Makoni, whose son Noah has disappeared is.

Here, people finally want to get their dreams off the ground, even if they have to go into the pallet box to do so

The boy doesn’t officially exist: Hope (pretty strict and angry: Sheri Hagen) and Jon (Alois Moyo) are academics, but live with Noah without papers in Hanover from cleaning jobs and work in the wholesale market since they got a tourist visa years ago came from Zimbabwe. And just like them, as this film tells, lives and organizes an entire community. Nobody here wants toleration like the one Falke promises Jon: director Neelesha Barthel and screenwriters Julia Drache and Sophia J. Ayissi show people who are stuck in hiding without rights, but who finally want to start their dreams, like Noah’s friend Sam says – even if it means lying down in the airtight pallet box of a smuggler truck. Because “Hidden” is also about those who benefit here. Someone is lying about Noah.

"crime scene" from Hanover: Hope (Sheri Hagen) and Jon Makoni (Alois Moyo) make a living from cleaning jobs and working in the wholesale market.  Actually, they are academics.

Hope (Sheri Hagen) and Jon Makoni (Alois Moyo) make a living from cleaning jobs and working in the wholesale market. Actually, they are academics.

(Photo: O-Young Kwon/NDR)

The constellation is exciting, the view remarkable and the duo of milkman Falke and the persistent Jon has potential. But it’s strange that the characters – including the investigators – never show anything that doesn’t directly serve the plot and message. You can call that a friendly simplicity, or mechanics. It’s missing those moments between people that stay after the film is over.

The first, Sunday, 8:15 p.m.

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