Comedian Ricky Gervais with his new program “Armageddon” in Zurich – culture

Ricky Gervais is pursuing a mission with his new comedy program “Armageddon”: He wants to give us the freedom to be able to laugh about everything, absolutely everything. A show visit in Zurich.


Marlene Knobloch

So at the end of the end of the world, crowds of beautiful young people stood on the S-Bahn, smoked, drank beer, exhausted peacefulness was in the air, only one woman shook her head and said: “That with the Pakistanis was too much for me. ” Startled, you grazed in your short-term memory, Pakistanis, when on earth did you talk about Pakistanis, was that before the thing with the baby with AIDS in Africa or after the joke with the fat man in the concentration camp?

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