Carolin Amlinger and Oliver Nachtwey “Injured Freedom” Criticism – Culture

And what does Twitter say? “Libertarian Authoritarianism”: Oliver Nachtwey, Carolin Amlinger and their view of the trench warfare of contemporary Germany.


Jens Christian Rabe

It seemed quite possible that Oliver Nachtwey and Carolin Amlinger could hit a nerve with their book “Gekränkte Freiheit – Aspects of Libertarian Authoritarianism” when it was published last autumn – now it should be a certainty. The two are still touring the Republic’s discussion boards. Her “libertarian authoritarianism” has become a term to which not only all other sociology professors have to relate. Just Nachtwey’s critical Twitter comment on the latest NZZ interview by July toe has been viewed more than 400,000 times.

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