Britney Spears Sends Her Father An Exquisitely Personalized Happy F-ck You Jamie (NEWS)

Britney Spears wants Jamie Spears, her estranged father, to know that she has a significant message for him.On Thursday, the pop singer, who is now 40 years old, celebrated the end of her conservatorship by sharing a list of all the amazing things she can do now that she no longer requires it on Instagram.
In the caption of a flashback photo, the artist Womanizer wrote, “It’s been a while since I talked to my pops!!!”The lovely Brit Brit has some encouraging news for you: for the very first time this year, I used my ATM card to withdraw cash!
Damn, I have to say it: my decision not to participate in your slave treatment program has completely transformed my life!What do you think?Spas are now an option for me as well!
The Grammy-winning singer revealed that her 70-year-old father wouldn’t let her go to spas because he was afraid she would drink coffee, which the singer has only recently started doing.
“And I’m so HAPPY!!!” she wrote, “I’m now on par with others.”Anyway, I just wanted to wish you a happy, unforgettable birthday!!!
The singer made this passionate statement just a few weeks after she said that her estranged father had treated her like a dog and tried to kill her for 13 years while he was her conservator.
The most difficult viewpoint is finding some peace with the way that they were just being savage while simultaneously recognizing that I really accepted my dad was plotting my passing.In a two-minute audio recording that was posted to Twitter, Britney’s words can be heard.She added, “And I hope he burns in f—king hell.”She went on to say that she hoped that her father would lose all of his benefits in the same way that he had lost all of her freedoms.

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