Box Office: ‘Avatar 2 The Way of Water’ Nears $900M Globally as New Holiday Movies Get Iced

Pussycat Doll: “Babylon,” “The Last Wish,” and “Whitney Houston”: Over the Christmas holiday weekend, I Wanna Dance With Somebody’s opening performances fell short of expectations due to severe weather in most of the United States.

Other than Avatar The Way of Water, a merciless climate framework named Tempest Elliott is removing the cheer from occasion moviegoing at the North American film industry.

A lot of the country has been hit by the bomb cyclone, which has brought snow and ice, high winds, and freezing temperatures. Hollywood theater owners and studios typically enjoy one of the year’s highest profits during the Christmas corridor. This year is an exception due to ongoing concerns regarding COVID-19, the flu, and the RSV virus, a marquee that is less crowded, and Storm Elliott. Another pity: When Christmas Day falls on a Sunday and Christmas Eve falls on a Saturday, neither event is ideal. To put it another way, studios are already anticipating the following week to make up ground.

Christmas weekend revenue could be down as much as 50% from 2019, prior to the pandemic, and even more concerning, 33% from 2021, which would be disappointing for the year-end box office. According to Comscore, Christmas Day’s overall revenue of $34.4 million was the lowest level since at least 2000, excluding 2020. For instance, as a point of comparison, revenue for December 25 was $58.1 million in the previous year.

twentieth 100 years and Disney’s Symbol 2 will handily win the four-day occasion end of the week in North America with an expected Friday-Monday gross of $82 million (rivals have it higher) from 4,202 theaters. Sunday saw the big-budget tentpole earn $253.7 million domestically and $855.4 million worldwide. After two weeks of release, the worldwide total will be close to or surpass $900 million by Monday. Over Christmas weekend (three days), The Way of Water made a sizable $168.6 million overseas, for a foreign total of $601.7 million as of Sunday.

DreamWorks Liveliness and General’s Puss in Boots: It won’t be difficult for The Last Wish, which opened midweek and received an A CinemaScore, to finish No. 2 from 4,099 theaters, with a projected four-day holiday gross of $17.8 million and six-day opening gross of $24.7 million.

The family movie was expected to debut with a budget of $30 million to $35 million. As the sector recovers from the pandemic, its performance demonstrates the ongoing concern regarding the strength of the family market. Due to the lack of competition in the coming weeks, Universal remains confident that The Last Wish will remain in theaters for an extended period of time.

Through Monday, The Last Wish is expected to gross $57.2 million worldwide, with a worldwide total of $32.5 million.

Whitney Houston of TriStar: Both Paramount’s Babylon and I Wanna Dance With Somebody are experiencing difficulties. Friday marked the opening of both films.

From 3,625 theaters, it is anticipated that I Wanna Dance With Somebody will open to $6 million to $7 million over the course of four days (Sony insiders believe that number could rise higher). The Whitney Houston biopic procured A CinemaScore from crowds in the wake of collecting gleaming surveys. From its first 31 international territories, I Wanna Dance With Somebody only made $2.6 million at the international box office.

Unless it improves next week, Paramount’s star-studded Babylon, which received a C+ CinemaScore, appears to be a major disappointment. Similar to Avatar 2, Damien Chazelle’s period Hollywood film is expected to open with $5.3 million from 3,343 theaters over the course of four days.

Over the course of Christmas, The Whale will open in a total of 603 theaters at the specialty box office. The four-day weekend is expected to bring in approximately $1.4 million for the A24 movie.

Women Talking, directed by Sarah Polley, debuted in eight theaters on Friday as one of the new offerings. The film from MGM and UAR, like a lot of other titles, is probably being affected by freezing temperatures in important markets like New York. The movie is expecting a four-day opening weekend gross of $53,000 and a location average of $6,664

Living by Sony Pictures Classics opened in three theaters in New York and Los Angeles, earning an estimated $17,300 over the course of four days and an approximate $7,078 per location.

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