At the start of the tour: A hymn to pure culture

Sing what is: The band “Pur” has been successful for four decades, the features section has rarely been well-disposed. A glowing defense at the start of the tour.

They seem to have mixed something up in Bietigheim-Bissingen, because the small Swabian town north of Stuttgart has produced a relatively large number of musically successful personalities: in addition to the rappers Shindy, RIN and Bausa, above all the band Pure. Pur is, you have to acknowledge that, a piece of German cultural heritage. When Pur belts out something about “flipping, whizzing, flying” or sings about the notorious “sparkling pearl eyes”, then that means something to us. The duo around front singer Hartmut Engler has been an integral part of German living rooms, rifle marquees, concert halls and charts for forty years – and yet, or perhaps because of it, Pur is ridiculed by critics. Why actually?

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