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Arun Mashettey Reveals How He Dealt With Wife’s Miscarriage Inside ‘BB17’, Adds ‘Whenever I Was..’

Date: February 27, 2024 Time: 12:48 pm

Date: February 27, 2024 12:48 pm

Arun Mashettey Reveals How He Dealt With Wife's Miscarriage Inside 'BB17', Adds 'Whenever I Was..'

Social media sensation Arun Mashettey became a household name after his stint in the popular reality show Bigg Boss 17. He played his part quite well in the show and was praised for his vocal personality. Unfortunately, despite being among the top 5 finalists of Bigg Boss 17, he was evicted before entering the top 4. However, it was during his participation in the show when the sad news of his wife, Malak Mashettey’s miscarriage, came out and made everyone teary-eyed. For the unversed, Malak was pregnant when Arun entered the show and revealed the news to no one.

Arun Mashettey reveals how he handled his wife’s miscarriage news inside the BB house

Now, in an interview with Pinkvilla, Arun Mashettey revealed how he dealt with the miscarriage news from his wife, Malak Mashettey. The Bigg Boss 17 fame mentioned that he was completely shattered. However, Malak became his strength and gave him the confidence to continue his game on the show. However, revealing that the pain of his wife’s miscarriage kept going on in his mind, Arun shared:

“When my wife informed me about the bad news, I was shattered and was asking god how much will I have to suffer. Somewhere I was about to quit. My wife became my strength and kept me strong through her words, ‘You’re in a game, you have to play good’. The pain was in my heart. Whenever I was alone, my wife’s words kept playing in my mind and it kept revolving in my mind in loop. I kept chanting ‘Om Namh Shivaay’ and spent my days inside. Even Rohit Shetty sir asked me ‘Why are you crying’ I replied, ‘Only 2 more days to survive’. I was heartbroken towards the end of the show.”

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Further, Arun praised his wife, Malak for dealing with the miscarriage bravely. He mentioned that it was God’s decision that the couple faced such a tragic incident. However, he added that this is the only reason he has dedicated his complete time to his family post his eviction from Bigg Boss 17. He continued:

“I salute her. It is not easy to deal with this but she did like a strong woman and gave a message out. It was god’s wish and I can’t bring it back even if I want to. Whatever she faced alone, even if I give my full time to her it’s less. People take time to forget such tragic incidents and I don’t want her to feel anything and that is the reason I am spending my time with her and my daughter.”

Arun on how Anurag Dobhal kept triggering him with his wife and daughter’s name inside the BB house

In the same conversation, Arun also spoke about Anurag Dobhal triggering him regarding his family issues inside the BB house. Arun called Anurag a “crybaby” and mentioned how he constantly dragged his wife, Malak and their daughter during their arguments. Arun also pointed towards the incident when Anurag had pushed him despite being on national television. In return, Arun was also all set to slap Anurag, but he didn’t do it as he respected the platform. Arun added:

“I was in Bigg Boss, he should talk about me, about the topic. He always triggered me by mentioning personal things. Bigg Boss chose us from 120-140 crore population and I will always be grateful for that. After being on this platform Anurag is doing third-class things, I controlled myself a lot inside the house.”

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When Malak Mashettey revealed that she suffered a miscarriage while Arun Mashettey was inside the BB house

Arun Mashettey’s wife, Malak Mashettey, entered the BB17 house along with their toddler daughter during the family week. Every housemate was in awe of the happy family. However, Malak came bearing bad news. She revealed to Arun that she suffered a miscarriage while he was inside the house. As per reports, Malak suffered a miscarriage during Diwali 2023. In an exclusive conversation with The Times Of India, Malak revealed that Bigg Boss helped her to break the news to her husband. Although she shared the sad news with him, the loving wife mentioned how she comforted Arun and made him understand that the difficult time has passed. She also mentioned that the couple should now focus on the positives.

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